About us

Business Philosophy

We pride ourselves on the rapid response to customer needs.

64942The construction industry is notorious for short lead times, if any, and because of this factor, we maintain a substantial inventory of our catalogue products and excel in providing goods of the highest quality ‘on schedule at all times’.

Sales and Marketing

Flexistrut employs sales personnel who visit the offices of major contractors or go direct to building sites to evaluate and advise the best and most economical use of the products we offer.

On major projects, we will provide a price for the supply and delivery of our products to the site. Flexistrut prices are fixed for the duration of the project.

Our Company also deliver to various building projects on a day-by-day basis on sales resulting from telephone orders.

We also sell our products to wholesalers of plumbing materials.

Products manufactured by Flexistrut Australia are often purchased directly by contractors and integrated into major component lots and shipped with their own requirements to projects locally, interstate and internationally.